World Euarchontoglires Protection (WEP)

for the protection of Euarchontoglires - our close relatives.
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What are Euarchontoglires

Rodents, rabbits, monkeys, apes, humans, and more. Euarchontoglires are animals most similar to us. We naturally understand and share their behaviours. They think like us feel like us.

How Euarchontoglires are treated?

Rodents, rabbits and monkeys are ruthlessly experimented on. Many rodents are discriminated as pests, they are not even protected by anti-cruelty laws in many nations. Humans kill other humans in wars...

What does WEP do?

Reducing the unethical, unnatural, self-destructive behavior in human society. For more information, please read evolution of altruism to learn why caring for those share lots of genes with us is a fundamental human nature. Rats share more than 90% genes with humans!

Contact WEP

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Address: WEP Team, PO Box 2098, Cairns, QLD 4870 , Australia
Email: info at the domain name

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L!FE with RANDY, the rodent channel, is a partner of Wep

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